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8 Christmas Elements To Jollify Your Marketing Campaigns

Tis’ the season to be jolly, and the season where sales skyrocket. As a brand, you cannot afford to miss out on this yearly opportunity! If there’s a time that companies put in their 150% into marketing campaigns, it’s none other than Christmas.

survey says that the average American citizen plans to spend about $998 on holiday purchases this year, so make sure your product makes it into their list of purchases!

One way to make that happen is to engage with your customers, subscribers, and followers. Engagement can be something as simple as saying Merry Christmas. What will set you apart from your competitors is how personalized and thoughtful the message feels.

Be it electronic direct marketing, posters, social media posts, virtual greeting cards, or other mediums, the festive mood will definitely be conveyed by using these Christmas elements.

Here are eight Christmas elements that you must include in your marketing campaigns.

1. Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree with gift boxes on bright blue background. Minimal holiday concept.

Minimal holiday concept art by ivan101, 123RF.

What’s a Christmas campaign without a Christmas tree? In some places, Christmas trees start popping out once October rolls around. It’s simply iconic. 

Christmas gift boxes laid out in the shape of a Christmas tree, overhead view

Christmas gift box tree by ruthblack, 123RF.

2. Garlands

The Christmas garland is one of the most common household decoration pieces during the festive season. It can be arranged with flowers, foliage, tinsels, or even illuminated by tiny lights.

Watercolor holiday greeting card by blinkblink1, 123RF.

A simple greeting card with ‘Best wishes’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ in the center of a garland is something we’ve all seen. But sometimes, simple is the best as it invokes feelings of tradition and nostalgia.

3. Mistletoes

Mistletoe wreath hanging for christmas in front of a red wall (3D Rendering)

Mistletoe wreath by stylephotographs123RF.

Kissing under the mistletoe is a phrase that you probably heard of. Mistletoes during Christmas are the sign of love, peace, and romance. For brands and companies that relate to these themes, don’t miss out on the opportunity to throw in some fun campaigns featuring mistletoes! It is the perfect element for your brand.

4. Snowflakes and Snowmen

cute snowman holding blank snow banner, 3d character illustration, festive clip art background

3D snowman holding a snow banner by katisa, 123RF.

Revamp your header to something like the photo above. Pop in a message on the blank portion of the image, and you’ve got yourself a pretty neat Christmas email banner!

Happy sandy snowman by emprize, 123RF.

Happy sandy snowman in Christmas Santa Claus hat and sunglasses at sunny sea beach, New Year holiday vacation concept for traveling to hot south countries

Even if you have no snow where you live. Don’t fret because we got tropical snowmen as well. Or more like a sandman in the shape of a snowman. Who says snowmen are only for places with a winter wonderland?

5. Ornaments

cute christmas balls set. vector illustration

Christmas ornaments by monbibi, 123RF.

Decorate your holiday-themed graphics with some ornaments! As children, one of our favorite parts about Christmas (aside from opening the gifts) was to decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments.

If you’re not trying to be over the top and just want to add a tiny bit of festive flair to your campaign, ornaments are a good solution!

6. Santa Claus

Full size photo of funny santa claus with eyeglasses, eyewear spectacles and cute elf in green hat headwear holding sledges carry sack bag with gifts isolated over red background

Funny Santa with gifts by deagreez, 123RF.

Think your audience is too old for Santa? Think again! There are many ways you can incorporate Santa into your marketing campaigns. Here’s an example of how you can use Santa to cater to older audiences by using a pop art-styled Santa holding a mug of beer.

Santa Claus with beer retro pop art by studiostoks, 123RF.

Santa Claus with beer, pop art retro vector illustration. Holidays New year and Christmas. Pub or restaurant

What about tropical Santa rocking some waves?

Swap out your usual EDM header for a holiday-inspired design for the holiday feels!

Sports Santa Claus on a surfboard, pop art retro comic book vector illustration. New year and Christmas

Surfing Santa by rogistok, 123RF.

7. Santa’s Little Helpers

15132949 - christmas seamless pattern with reindeer.

Christmas reindeers by sivanova, 123RF.

These elements of Santa’s little helpers can also invoke feelings of nostalgia when the existence of Santa and elves was believed to be true. Without running the risk of looking too childish, use more modern and crisp elements.

A cute colorful Christmas gift tags. Vector illustration

Cute Christmas gift tags by olillia, 123RF.

The tricky thing is to not lose the brand identity but still look festive.

8. Christmas Lights

Minimalistic Christmas tree with lights on bright background. New Year nature minimal concept.

Minimalistic Christmas tree with lights by ivan101, 123RF.

Christmas isn’t the same without illuminations and hanging lights. The lighting, mood, and ambience make up the jolly atmosphere. However, this is harder to pull off in a virtual setting. Include some Christmas lights in your visuals and grab the attention of your viewers right off the bat!

Image of christmas tree on the wooden old sled over snowy wooden table

tree on a wooden sled by tomertu, 123RF.

Here’s to a year of blessings and beyond.

We know that holidays the past year haven’t been easy, but together with these elements, your audience will welcome the month of Christmas joy! Show that you’re ready for a digital celebration on your marketing campaigns!

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