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5 Creative Home Photoshoot Ideas – Indoor Photography Inspiration

We’ve all been there, the frustrations of the pandemic is felt all across the world, drying up our creative juices. It’s a trying time for sure. Many of us are cooped up at home, but we believe that the creative process should never stop!

If you’re itching to create but lacking inspiration, here are 5 epic photoshoot ideas that you can try within the comforts of your own home!

1. Get Bubbly

Woman blowing soap bubbles by nomadsoul1123RF

Here’s a touch of nostalgia. Time to get yourself the cheapest prop ever — bubbles! For that extra cheeky feeling, maybe even a bubble gum. Tip: if you have kids in your household, this could be a fun idea to try with them! Remember to experiment with different angles, and also might want to use a tripod if you’re playing with bubbles that could potentially turn messy. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Woman with bubble gum by serezniy123RF

2. Create Your Own Sunset

Sunset lamps have been trending all over TikTok for the past few months and we believe this trend is here to stay. With minimal natural lighting, the sunset lamp will be able to create the dreamy ambiance of an actual golden hour.

If somehow, you choose not to purchase a sunset lamp, fret not! You would still receive the exact sunset glow, if not more by using photo editing platforms such as Pixlr. Watch the full YouTube tutorial below to learn how to create the magical sunset effect!

3. Flower Power

Who said flower crowns were 2016, and only belonged to Vanessa Hudgens’ Coachella days? Not us. With that being said, if you’re too lazy to make a full flower crown, you can always just put some flowers in your hair to create a whimsical look! 

Woman with red flowers in her hair by neonshot123RF

If you’re too shy to show your face, or if you simply want to go in a different artistic direction, you can try this instead: get yourself a large bouquet of flowers and hold them close to your face. Simple yet creative. 

Woman covering face with a bouquet by gstockfaces123RF


4. Feeling Fruity

We’ve all seen those #bathroominspo photos on Pinterest. You know, those photos of a woman soaking in a silky milk bath with orange and lemon slices delicately arranged around her face. If you have a bathtub at home, you can easily recreate this with little to no budget. All you need are some zesty fruit, milk and a phone camera. (Just be careful not to drop your phone into the bathtub during the shoot.)

Woman in a milk bath with orange and lemon slices by lightfieldstudios123RF

But if you don’t have a bathtub at home, don’t worry, you can still take some fun, effortless portraits with the fruit you’ve bought from the store. Make good use of natural lighting and get creative with different poses!  

Woman posing with lemons by lightfieldstudios123RF

5. Playing with Shadows

Whilst having a good light source is key to any photo shoot, it’s equally important to have an adequate amount of shadows in a photo. Deliberate and effective use of shadows in your portraits can create a natural contrast and depth, add drama and evoke emotion, and provide you with powerful compositional elements in your photography.

Moody portrait of a woman holding her face by artemhvozdkov123RF

To create a dramatic composition, make sure you’re not directly facing the light source, because it will make your features appear flat and one-dimensional. It’s best to place the key light at the side of your face or beside where you’re standing. 

Black and white side profile of a woman by korobkova123RF

Get Creative from The Comforts of Your Home

Creativity knows no walls or boundaries, so don’t let the walls of your home stop you from thinking out of the box and flexing your creative muscles! It’s time to whip out your camera (or phone), get some props and start posing – have fun! 


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