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5 Egg-cellent Easter Marketing Campaign Ideas for 2021

Easter is right around the corner, but it’s never too late to hop on (pun intended) these marketing ideas and start implementing Easter-themed campaigns for your business/brand!  

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, it’s a joyful theme to herald the arrival of spring and new beginnings. It’s the perfect opportunity to leverage marketing trends and get creative.   

Run An Easter Egg Hunt

Creative Easter pattern made of colorful eggs by Ivan Zamurovic123RF.

What’s Easter without a good old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt, am I right? But since it’s 2021, “virtual” is the way to go!

You can create an image of a maze with tiny hidden eggs and leave clues in the comment section while interacting with your audience. Or, you can launch a live Easter egg hunt on Facebook or Instagram. The person who finds the most eggs within a certain time frame wins The Golden Egg. 

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can take inspiration from Cadbury’s 2021 Easter egg hunt campaign “Worldwide Hide” in which consumers get to hide a virtual Easter egg anywhere in the world using Google Maps Street View and share a personalised note with a loved one to help them find the egg. Fun, meaningful and very eggs-citing!

Create An Easter Story

Image of mother, father and daughters painting eggs by choreograph123RF.

Instead of creating a campaign that focuses on your product, create a story that revolves around how your product makes people feel. 

Easter is about family, joy and togetherness. So you can center your campaign around the joy of spending Easter with loved ones, that feeling of nostalgia tied to the Easter Bunny, or the jolt of elation when you find all the Easter eggs. Stories tie to emotions, and emotions impact decisions. 

For their 2018 Easter campaign, Nestlé, one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies, created a quirky but heartwarming Alice-in-Wonderland-inspired ad, highlighting how Easter makes you feel, rather than focusing on their specific products. 

In the 60-second clip, you see a tall gigantic woman (Alice) doing everyday activities, like taking a shower, commuting to work, going out with her friends. She arrives at her childhood home, still oversized. But,  as soon as her mother opens the door, Alice suddenly shrinks down to the average human size, followed by the words, “Life makes us grow up. Easter brings us back.”

Egg-ceptionally Surreal

Image made with Pixlr

“Giant animal” surreal art has been trending amongst photographers and digital artists for quite some time now. So why not bring adorable but gigantic bunnies into the picture for Easter? 

You can hold an Easter photo editing contest, set a specific theme and allow your audience to go crazy with it. The most creative surreal edit would win a prize! 

Not only is this a great way to spark curiosity and imagination among your audience, it’s also an effective method to increase user-generated content. One of the benefits of user-generated content is that it serves as social proof and shines the spotlight on the people who have helped shape your brand.

Engage Users with Easter Trivia

Easter holiday concept with cute handmade eggs, bunny, chicks and party hats by maglara123RF.

For many, Easter is a day filled with longstanding family traditions and joyous rituals. An Easter trivia would be a fun addition to have!

When did Easter become widely celebrated? How is Easter celebrated around the world? What is the origin of the Easter Bunny? Where was the largest chocolate Easter egg created? All these questions are a great way to get your audience in the mood for this springtime holiday and create organic engagement. 

Send An Eggs-tra Personalized Easter Email

Images made with Designmaker

Everyone loves a personalized email; an email that speaks directly to them, not just as consumers, but as people. Adding a personal touch would increase your click-to-open rate because, by tailoring the content of the newsletter to each individual’s wants or needs, you increase its relevance. 

So, this Easter, you can send out beautiful personalized e-greeting cards. You can even add a promo or discount code on each card. To take a step further, you can hide the promo code in an “egg” which customers would have to spot in the newsletter. 

Take this opportunity to showcase your spring collections or seasonal offerings in your newsletter, but make sure that they are relevant to the individual you’re sending it to. You can personalize the email based on where your recipients live, or based on the items on your site which they’ve expressed interest in (clicked on or added into their carts). 

Creative layout made with colorful flowers and Easter eggs by Ivan Zamurovic123RF.

In conclusion…

From a commercial point of view, Easter might not be as widely celebrated as Christmas or as marketable as Black Friday. But this spring-themed holiday actually has a lot of untapped potential for marketers and businesses to explore. You just have to hop out of the box!

Image of eggshell with bunny rabbit by Ivan Zamurovic123RF.

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