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13056447 Baby elephant with mother

WORK | Etosha National Park

WORK by 123RF

With over 100 million images on our site it can be hard to find hidden gems. It can be even harder to appreciate the work that goes into creating imagery. From the inspiration and the conceptualization to the shoot and postproduction

In our WORK series, we feature photography from artists in the 123RF portfolio. 

We ask the artist to share their inspiration or stories behind the work providing an insight into what drives the makers and how powerful imagery is created.

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Johan Swanepoel

All images were captured in Etosha National Park (Namibia) late in winter.

Conditions in the desert are extreme in the dry season and tough on the animals. Water holes are the pulse of life and become the center of opportunistic predators, dominant behavior,  aggression, fear and often heartbreaking events. This, together with vast open areas, give the photographer ample opportunities every day.

Post processing is a sensitive issue for many wildlife photographers. In the fine art category I allow myself freedom regarding post work and strive to incorporate some personal emotions and feelings of the specific moment. Editorial work are treated different and with minimal editing.

When asked to write a story about specific images I mostly decline. Photography is a simple yet powerful medium – let it speak.

Johan Swanepoel – South Africa

32578838 Gemsbok dual (Artistic processing) Johan Swanepoel
14557118 Zebra rolling in the dust
13056447 Baby elephant with mother
43622885 Black Rhinoceros calf (Diceros bicornis) Etosha National Park