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Content Creation With July Trending Keywords

In the blink of an eye it will be July soon. Let’s continue to keep safe for the coming months with hopes that we can slowly ease back into our pre-pandemic days. Until then, we want to continue keeping everyone updated on our monthly trending keywords! Take a look at these curated trending topics for the month of July: 


(halloween background, halloween pumpkin, halloween scary, zombie)

Image by rangizzz

Image by evgenyatamanenko

While Halloween is at the end of October, the searches and downloads would start gaining momentum as early as July. It is a great time to start making sure that all your scream worthy contents are ready in your portfolio. Get your illustrative and editing tools ready to create halloween backgrounds, pumpkin faces, ghosts, zombie designed posters and many more. Let your spine-tingling content speak for itself!Click here for more examples of our Halloween collection



(fitness, exercise, workout, training, home gym)

Image by ammentorp

Image by ezthaiphoto

We’d love to see more fitness content of people being creative with their workout routines – be it indoors or indoors. Even homes are turned into makeshift gyms! We look forward to getting innovative images of workout plans, flat lay of exercise equipment, people joining virtual classes online or family members working out together.Click here for more examples of our Fitness collection



(e-learning, education online, webinar)

Image by melpomen

Image by fizkes

This current pandemic has also affected the education system. Therefore, we would love to have submissions with concepts of e-learning, such as taking online courses, virtual classes, education concepts with laptops and many more. Visuals of students having video calls with a laptop, using headphones while attending virtual classes or interactions between students through the screen are among the contents that we seek.Click here for more examples of our Education collection


Other notable events of the season you can consider are International Youth Day (12th of August), and World Humanitarian Day (19th of August). Create your own masterpiece to fit these July trending keywords. Think about what buyers would want and how they’ll be using it. Good quality content ensures good sales. Finally, stay tuned for our compilation of August’s trending keywords next month.


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