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How 123RF Keeps Your Business Safe

As a creative content and licensing specialist for businesses we are committed to offering peace of mind with client service, attention to detail and experience.

We have the highest standard when it comes to checking and approving images and support our clients in the unlikely event a copyright issue arises. Using copyrighted content can be full of pitfalls. This is not surprising as the artists that create the content often make a living creating original works and have tools to check on unauthorized usage. There area also a number of companies that have made it their business to find and stop copyright infringement and unauthorized use of images, sound and motion 

Working with a well established and specialist company like 123RF keeps you sheltered from these risks while at the same time rewarding artists all over the World for contributing their work to help your communication.

What's A Model Release

A model release means that the people on the picture have given permission for it to be used commercially. For an image to be used it’s not just the maker of the photography but also the people that are on it that need to have given permission.

At 123RF we make sure our images have releases and that we have them on file. If we don’t have it we will refuse the image or clearly mark it for editorial use only on our website.

Property Release

Properties have owners, whether it’s a house, a design, a landmark, or a large structure. Those owners might have copyright over the use of images of those properties. 

Our team knows this and checks for property releases. Form many buildings it’s fine, for others it isn’t.  It can also depend on how many buildings are in a picture and is one property the main focus. 

When in doubt, we are here to help

Third Party Rights

We make sure that our artists and clients are aware of rules around showing company logo’s, trademarks and celebrities. We know the rules and our editing team makes sure we do not upload images for commercial use that have third party rights on them