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Improve Your Travel Photos with 4 Cool Editing Tips

The current pandemic has taken especially a huge toll on people that love to travel, this much we know. For those who are filled to the brim with wanderlust, it can be quite devastating to find that traveling has now become such a rare luxury that we no longer have the privilege to. 

And so, for the past year you may have caught yourself browsing through pictures of your past adventures, reliving precious memories of exploring new landmarks. Perhaps for the sake of nostalgia, you suddenly have the urge to post (or repost) these images onto your social media. 

However, if you are somehow at a loss on ways you can reimagine your traveling moments, head on below; these four simple editing tips can transform any travel photos into a captivating one. 

1. Basic Enhancements

When scrutinizing your images, oftentimes you will notice that they can be too dark, too bright or perhaps even dull in color. This is especially true for travel photos that are commonly taken outdoor; where lighting can be unstable at times.  

In this case, the solution would be to adjust several aspects of your images. For instance, using levels and curves, you can modify the overall hue and tonal range of your photo. You can also use color balance to alter the shadows, midtones and highlights of your image. If you want to transform the colors within your photograph to become more vivid, then adjusting the saturation level should be your choice.

Original image by perig76123RF. Edited in Pixlr E.      

2. Simple Overlays & Effects 

To add some pizzazz to your throwback travel photos, you can always use some artistic overlays and effects. With Pixlr‘s extensive asset library, you can explore different types of overlays and find one that suits the overall theme or style of your image. 

For instance, if you want to create the trending vintage film camera effect, all you need to do is add light leaks and some film dust to your photo (see below).

Original image by lightfieldstudios123RF. Edited in Pixlr E.

3. Magical Changes 

Another one of our favorite photo editing tricks would be image masking. Masking allows you to hide and reveal certain parts of the photograph, which lets you efficiently tweak the background of your images. 

For instance, using simple masking, you can transform gloomy skies in your travel photos into a stunning one (see below). All you have to do is find an image of a nice sunset, place it behind your original image and utilize the Draw Mask tool to conceal the original sky. Believe it or not, this can be achieved in merely a few minutes!

Original image by golyakyuriy123RF. Edited in Pixlr E.

4. Surreal Collages

This is where the real magic happens, where you let your imagination roam wild and free. This is where you turn a plain photo into a masterpiece, where you reimagine a place you’ve been to a destination you want to go to. 

To create a digital collage, you’ll need to combine at least two images into one. The AI Cutout tool comes in extra handy when you want to remove the original background of an image and replace it with another.

You can layer and arrange them in any way you want to convey a certain narrative. But remember not to overdo it. An overly manipulated image can sometimes backfire as your audience might struggle to pinpoint the main visuals. One way to avoid that is to follow the rule of thirds and create a focal point.  

Original image by giedriusok123RF. Edited in Pixlr E.

If you’re looking for more tips to improve your photos, check out our magical editing tricks. If you miss visiting beautiful destinations and exploring new places, let us take you there.  

Remember, just because you’re unable to go on new adventures doesn’t mean you can’t relive and reimagine old ones. Sometimes, all you need is some inspiration and imagination to make your dull days a little brighter!    

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