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123RF Introduces Voice To Video With

We have been working on this for some time and have now launched our videomaker. Now you can go straight from text to a video in minutes, powered by our AI. 

Our videomaker allows you to input the text on the subjectmatter you want to talk about, make a few choices and our AI will generate a video for you in minutes! You can then edit the text, voice and finetune the videoclips on our platform. is our sister company aimed at making everyday design faster and easier for everyone. Videomaker is one of the first tools we have available with much more to follow.

Check our online or contact our team now to request a demonstration or more information. We provide custom made licenses for companies depending on users and teams.

Videomaker is the first of a set of services to make designing faster and easier for everyone so keep an eye out for more news here and on our main site.